How clean are you?

10 Nov

That was a poll question, with choices ranging from total slob to total neat freak. I had the hardest time deciding how to vote! Here is why:

My car is spotless. Nothing in it except my sunglasses, ever.

My closet is a disaster. Items hanging upon items, four and five to a hangar, half inside-out. Party dresses and shawls and backpacks all hanging from one hook inside the door, which tangle in my hair as I fumble around for two matching shoes.

My bed is made every single morning without fail, toss pillows included.

The clean laundry is unfolded in hampers downstairs, out of which we dress for weeks. Except for my husband, who painstakingly rescues, folds and puts away all his clothing immediately to save it from communal fate with the rest of ours.

There is not one dirty dish or item out of place in the kitchen, diningroom, livingroom, master bedroom, family room or bathrooms. Anyone can drop by at anytime and the house is visitor-ready.

I sometimes don’t shower for three mornings straight, washing only pits and nether regions, going to work with nubby legs and tangled hair pulled back in a clip.

So tell me, how SHOULD I have voted?!


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